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LAMPE Vision:


The goal of LAMPE is to develop global workforce leaders and innovators in media arts, and engineering.  The academy provides the foundation and tools to think critically, work collaboratively, solve complex problems, and synthesize innovations for the future.


LAMPE Mission:


LAMPE provides pathways that are facilitated by dedicated educators, staff, and community members who collaborate, utilizing applied project-based learning and leading-edge technology.  


LAMPE Description:


The Lancaster Arts, Media, Programming, and Engineering | Academy (LAMPE) is a certified Linked Learning Academy that provides students with the unique opportunity to learn through integrated lessons, apply knowledge through project-based learning, and develop career skills while still in high school. Within the academy, students select a pathway that interests them (media/programming or engineering), then follow a carefully designed curriculum that develops their critical thinking, problem solving, and technical skills. Academy teachers work together to support the lessons in each classroom, so students expand their learning across all classes, and apply their skills in the community. Through regular independent and collaborative projects, students master the use of 21st century technology, innovate creative solutions for modern problems, develop real-world job skills, and become the leaders of tomorrow.


About Linked Learning


Linked Learning is an instructional approach that provides students with academically challenging pathways leading to careers in high-need, high growth occupational sectors and prepares them to succeed in postsecondary educational institutions.  By design, Linked Learning pathways aspire to develop students' academic and industry-related knowledge and skills by engaging them in projects and course-work that blend career and technical education (CTE) content with a traditional core curriculum. They offer a sequence of rigorous coursework, integrated projects, and work-based learning experiences designed to develop students' abilities to pursue careers in a field of their choosing and in postsecondary education.
- Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) -



United Way of Greater Los Angeles Linked Learning Showcase 2016

The LAMPE Academy at Lancaster High School received second place for our High Speed Rail Bridge Project.  The team consisted of Shelly Abu and Caitlyn Biggs.  There were 70 other teams competing and our two Freshman girls from the Into to Engineering class was able to come away with the second place prize. 


The Golden Bell Award 2015
Eagle Robotics Team 399 was awarded the 2015 Golden Bell for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.  The award recognizes sustainable, innovative, and exemplary programs which have been developed and successfully implemented, and programs that promote positive student outcomes.


Apple Distinguished Program 2012
The LAMPE Academy at Lancaster High School has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program! The Apple Distinguished Program designation is reserved for programs that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership. LAMPE is one of only 103 recipients across the nation awarded the apple distinguished program for 2012-13.

LAMPE teachers are certified instructors for both Adobe and AVID curricula.


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