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REAL Eagles Are

Responsible Citizens with the ability to:
  • Respect the diversity of people as well as differing viewpoints and reasoning processes
  • Contribute to the improvement of their school and community
  • Demonstrate a global perspective and respect for human rights
  • Accept responsibility for their actions and how they affect the community
  • Exhibit open-mindedness and ethical responsibility

Effective Communicators with the ability to:
  • Speak clearly
  • Read critically
  • Write effectively
  • Listen attentively
  • Advocate for self and others

Analytical Thinkers with the ability to:
  • Distinguish fact from opinion
  • Solve problems logically
  • Discern information from a variety of sources
  • Use technology as a tool

Life-long Learners with the ability to:
  • Practice self-directed learning
  • Competitively pursue post-secondary goals
  • Work both collaboratively and individually
  • Make connections between curriculum and real world applications